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Christmas Wallpaper

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a last minute gift for that gamer in your life? Here are 10 fun ideas all under $50.

1. Gamer Poster $7.84 (currently on sale for $6.27)
Gamer Poster

2. Portal Companion Cube Ice Tray $12.99
Portal Ice Cube

3. Nintendo Flask $19.99
Nintendo Flask

4. Loot Crate Subscription $13.37 for a 1 month plan
loot crate

5. Aperture Laboratories Cake Mix (no… it’s not a lie) $15.70
Portal Cake Mix

6. Inverted Controller T-Shirt $19.95
Inverted Controller Shirt

7. Halo Lunch Box (with MRE Sandwich Pouch) $29.95
Halo Lunch Box

8. Video Game Charm Bracelet (charms vary in price beginning at 19.99)
Charm Bracelet

9. Creeper Anatomy T-Shirt $26.70
Creeper Shirt

10. Cortana Chip Key Chain $16.95
Cortana Chip


A Mouthful of Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth PizzaIf you are familiar with Rooster Teeth, then you’ll know that they consider pizza to be it’s own category on the food pyramid. So it is only fitting for Pizza Hut to create an Official Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza on their new menu. The pizza looks absolutely delicious with “premium crushed tomato sauce topped with premium salami, hardwood smoked bacon, fresh mushrooms, diced Roma tomatoes – flavored up with toasted asiago crust flavor and a balsamic drizzle”. I don’t know if you could fit more unhealthy goodness in pizza. Now all that’s missing is an Official Rooster Teeth Beer for me to drink while I listen to their podcast and gorge myself on pizza.


Halo Armor – Part 1

Chief and CortanaThe sad day has come for me to retire my Cortana costume. After 3 years of attending Comic Con, Halo Fest, Wondercon, and the occasional midnight release party, the costume has reached the end of its lifespan. But, that means it’s time for me to move on to my next Halo project…

Spartan Armor!

If you have followed my blog (or if you look back at my Cosplay Diary), you’ll know that I tried making Halo armor for my husband once before. I was working on it while I was making the Cortana costume for myself in the hopes of having both costumes done for the Halo 4 midnight release. Unfortunately the armor had an irreparable casualty a week before the release party and had to be tossed. I was so bummed about it that I needed to step away from making armor. But now I have regained my confidence and I am ready to try again (and this time the armor is for me!)

After spending the last 3 years with the 405th, I have learned a trick or two to help me do a better job this time around (I hope…). Instead of using fiberglass to make the armor, I am going to make it using EVA foam (a floor mat material that many 405th members use for their armor and props).

While exploring the internet for armor ideas, I found a Red VS Blue fan art made by Bushtuckapenguin. The character is a female version of Agent Rhode Island (a Freelance character from Red VS Blue). I really like the color scheme for this armor and the details in the undersuit, so I’m using this image as a reference picture for my costume.
Rhode Island

I wasn’t planning on starting my armor until after the new year, but as Black Friday rolled around I found a deal for EVA foam at my local Harbor Freight store that I couldn’t resist. So now I am all stalked up on foam and ready for the next step.

master chief collection

Nak3d Eli gets his own achievment

At San Diego Comic Con this year I had the chance to become friends with Nak3d Eli, a well known gamer in the Halo Community who holds many records for speed-running the Halo games. It was just announced that 343 Industries has named an achievement after him which will be included in the Halo: Master Chief Collection releasing this November.

The achievement is called “Naked Tyrant”, named after Nak3d Eli and Mythic Tyrant (another member of the speed-running community). To earn this achievement the player has to complete the Halo 4 LASO campaign playlist (playing on legendary difficulty with all skulls on).

Needless to say Nak3d Eli is now training to be the first person to earn his own achievement.